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Facial Steamers

  • Facial Wood Lamp

    Facial Wood Lamp

    FS-221 (Woods Lamp) Functions: To correctly inspect and diagnose the characteristics of skin so that an effective skincare treatment can be performed accordingly. 1 year warranty

    MSRP: $271.25
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  • Facial Steamer - T201

    Facial Steamer - T201

    Item No: T-386 Description: Facial Steamer Functions: 1. Utilizes steam to moisten and whiten the skin. 2. The vapor spraying arm adjusts up and down 90 degrees, rotates left and right 330 degrees.

    MSRP: $521.63
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  • Vaporizer w/ Magnifying Lamp

    Vaporizer w/ Magnifying Lamp

    Encouraging the elimination of toxins in the pores, the vapor created also simultaneously improves cell metabolism proving that the Facial Vaporizer is considered by many estheticians to be the most important electric equipment used in the field of...

    MSRP: $938.93